Church Ministries

The diverse Ministries of the Church shall be governed by the Church Council with the assistance of several ministry committees to be formed under the direction of the Church Council. In particular, the Deaconís Ministry, headed by the Deacon Ministry Leader, shall be generally responsible for the related sacerdotal functions not otherwise handled by the Senior Pastor and they shall ensure the welfare of the members through visitation of the sick and homebound, and administration of the alms fund to the needy in accordance with Acts 6:1-7. In addition, the Finance Ministry shall maintain accurate records and manage all finances of the Church as an aid to the Senior Pastor. In particular, the Finance Ministry shall be responsible to collect and deposit all church funds to the proper depository; to account for all funds according to standard accounting principles; to ensure all accounts payable are made in a timely and competent manner; to develop financial policies related to the handling of church funds. In effect, the Ministries of the Church will act as committees of the Church Council and they shall be under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor.

Each Ministry shall be composed of active members of the Church. Ministry Leaders shall be selected and nominated by their respective groups and confirmed by the Senior Pastor for a term of one calendar year, January through December or for a different term at the discretion of the Senior Pastor. Each Ministry membership shall include certain persons designated to administer the Ministry in accordance with these bylaws. When appointing members to the various Ministries, Church Council shall designate the term of office and any special authority not provided for in these bylaws. Ministries in themselves shall not have authority to establish any church policy nor to bind the Church in any contractual agreement.