The purpose of the Outreach Ministries is to attend to the needs of people who find themselves in situations which prohibit them from attending the corporate Worship Services. These ministries are designed to share God’s love with everyone regardless of their circumstances or situation in life. Matthew 25:35-36

Mothers Ministry Vineyard Ministry College Ministry Transportation Ministry Prison Ministry Nursing Home Ministry


These ministries deal with the spiritual growth and development of specific demographics within the church: Men, Women, Youth, Children, Married Couples, and Singles. Each ministry is to design and tailor all learning and activities towards the spiritual growth of their designated population. 2 Peter 3:18

Women’s Fellowship Ministry Youth Ministry Young Men’s Mentoring Ministry Christian Foundations Ministry Daughters of Zion


The Christian Education Ministries encompass all Christian education activities, studies, learning, & instruction in, and associated with God’s Word. 2 Timothy 2:15

Sunday School Moody Bible Classes


These ministries cater to the specific needs of each member of FBC. Ministries will be added to this cluster as the needs arise and the personnel are present with the anointing to help meet those needs. James 2:15-17

Health Ministry Seniors Ministry Church Wedding Coordinators


Music is a key and vital part of the Worship Service. Each choirs, musicians, and soloists participating in the Worship Service is to keep in mind that their gift and anointing is designed to bring the congregation into the presence of God through praise and worship, and to prepare the hearts of those present to receive the preached Word of God. Colossians 3:16

Senior Gospel Choir Inspirational Voices Angelic Choir Golden Voices Male Chorus Praise Team


All ministries which take an active part in the regular Sunday & Wednesday Services as well as any Church-wide celebration Services, are coordinated together. These ministries are to unite their efforts to insure that all (members and visitors) who enter this Church feel the warmth of God’s love unconditionally. Members should always feel as if they are returning home when coming to the Worship Services. St. John 4:24

Ushers Ministry Nurses Ministry Hospitality Ministry Security Ministry Ministerial Staff Coordinator Wednesday Services Coordinator Shepherd’s Ministry


These ministries address the responsibility of each Christian to share their time, tithes, and treasures for the purpose of Kingdom-building for Jesus Christ. The Finance Ministry not only handles the Churches financial business, but also assists in educating the membership as to how vital finances are to Christian Ministry work. All who have the spare time can make a very vital contribution … volunteering in the Church’s many ministries. It must be done with a willing heart, and a spirit of excellence and faithfulness to our purpose and goals. The Christian Stewardship Ministries will begin training those who wish to volunteer their services and time at FBC. 1 Corinthians 4:2

Finance Ministry Dominion by Faith Challenge Church Anniversary Women’s Day Men’s Day